Writing Dangerously Sweet Romantic Suspense
About the Author

About the Author

Meet Ava

Ava L. Mond is a wife and sign language interpreter by day and a novelist by night. 

Born in Philly and raised in the Mini-apple, she has a healthy appreciation of winters. It only took her thirty years to get out of the cold and move to Florida. 

Inspired by the Bible she moved to Nicaragua to help bring the Word to the deaf. There she met her darling husband, an artist, and adopted her fur baby, a high strung mutt named Cookie. They often inspire characters in her stories. 

When she’s not traveling in search of another mountain to have conversations with God, she’s reading stories with happy endings. To keep up her creative juices she likes learning a new musical instrument or learning a new language, so she can communicate with more people in the language of their heart. 

Writing is her daily habit, so if you happen upon her in the wild (like a coffee shop or at the beach) be sure to stop by and say hello so she can put you in a story.